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How World Hyundai Generated 289 Leads for Less Than $1,000!

This is an unbelievable story! But, before I explain how this works, we should talk about how the 3 Ps, people, process, and product, got us to these results. And, since you already have an excellent product, we will focus on people and processes.


It takes great people to make processes work. There are several talented and industrious people that got together to make this happen.

Sheri Sevik is the Assistant General Manager for World Hyundai in Matteson, IL and World Kia in Joliet, IL. Sheri is the ultimate Guerrilla marketer! Guerrilla marketing utilizes advertising methods through which unusual and low-budget strategies are used with the aim of reaching as many people as possible. She is always challenging herself to improve on her last successful campaign.

Rachel Dertz is the BDC Director at World Hyundai. Rachel is great multitasker! I watched her answer a call from a potential customer, scan their information, including reading their credit bureau report, and then making the customer feel comfortable keeping their appointment that day. And, she has trained her entire staff to do the same! Rachel leads a team that is organized, committed, well-trained, and great on the phone!


Sheri recently challenged herself to see how many high-quality leads she could generate for less than $1,000.00. She had to get all the processes in place to make her Guerrilla marketing program work.

Process #1 – A Unique Offer – Sheri knew she had to do something interactive to make reach her goals. Sheri turned to Subprime Marketing Group and their exclusive Know Before You Go™ Prescreening System. She set up a unique page that offered these consumers the opportunity to get prequalified and see their current credit score in a matter of seconds by just entering their name, address, and the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number. The system then feeds the leads directly into Sheri’s CRM with credit information, including the consumer’s score range and information on their current open auto loans so that her BDC can do an excellent job working the leads.

Process #2 - She went into her CRM and selected unsold leads with a mobile number available and found 14,392 consumers that met that profile.

Process #3 - Texting Platform – Sheri loaded her database into the system and created an intriguing text message offering these consumers the opportunity to get instantly prequalified for automotive financing.

Process #4 – Make sure you are ready! – Sheri and Rachel prepared the team and setup a workflow to manage the huge influx of leads.


Wow! It was unbelievable to watch. The leads just started flowing in at a rate of more than one per minute! And this went on for hours! Leads were still coming in three days later! Here are the initial numbers:

Text Messages Sent: 14,392

Text Messages Delivered: 12,901

Website Hits: 1,442

Leads Generated: 289

Cost: $654.61

Sheri, Rachel, and their team got right to work. Now, even the best team can be overwhelmed when you receive 289 leads in a matter of hours, but they were able to prioritize the leads using the information that Know Before You Go™ delivered to their CRM and started selling and delivering vehicles the next day!

Congratulations Sheri and the entire staff at World Hyundai! You challenged yourself and it looks like you have a new Number 1 promotion. I am sure you are already thinking about how to improve on this one! I’ve got to tell you, it’s going to be hard to beat!

If you have the people, and I am sure you do, all these processes and the tools behind them (CRM, Texting Platform, and Prescreening System) are available to you. This story should motivate you to see how many leads you can generate for less than $1,000.00! All you must do is get started! Good Luck and Good Selling!